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How to change a wheel on your Toyota

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When you notice you have a puncture, do not continue driving your Toyota, as this can rapidly damage both the tyre and wheel. Stop your car safely on a firm, level surface, away from traffic if possible. If needed, set up a warning triangle and turn on the hazard lights.

Apply the parking brake and put the vehicle in park or first gear so the car doesn’t accidentally move. Switch off the ignition and ensure that all passengers safely exit the vehicle.

You will find the spare wheel and replacement tools in the trunk. The tools include a jack for raising the vehicle, and a wrench to take off the nuts that attach the wheel to the car.

If the wheel has a hubcap, use the tool provided to remove it. Before jacking up the vehicle, use the wrench to loosen the nuts one-half to one turn. These should be quite tight. If you don’t have the strength to loosen them by hand, try using your foot.

Next you need to jack up the car. Search the underside of the vehicle to find the jacking point closest to the wheel you want to replace. If you can’t find it, check the owner’s manual.

Never put any object or any part of your body under the vehicle when using the jack.

Once the jack is in place, jack up the vehicle until the flat tyre easily clears the road. You can then remove all the wheel nuts and the flat tyre. Do not touch the disc wheels or the area around the brakes, as they can be extremely hot.

Lift the spare wheel onto the hub and make sure the holes are lined up. Then replace the wheel nuts, tightening them until they are firm.

Lower the jack until the spare wheel touches the ground. Then, using the wrench, tighten the wheel nuts firmly in sequence.

Once this is done, lower the car completely. Remove the jack and put it and the tools in their proper place.

Put the flat tyre somewhere handy so you can have it fixed and replaced by a Toyota repairer. If you cannot do this soon, check the wheel nuts after a couple of hundred kilometres of driving to make sure they are still tight.

Remember not to exceed 80 kilometres per hour when driving with a compact spare wheel.

At the Toyota authorised repairer you will receive expert assistance and the best possible care for your Toyota – ensuring that your driving experience remains safe and pleasurable.


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